How to  Turn Your Bedroom into a Personal Sanctuary

Turning Your Bedroom into a Personal Sanctuary

Our bedroom is our personal sanctuary. It is the room in the house where we can relax and rest in private. Here are nine bedroom decorating ideas to help you make the most of it.

1. Get rid of the television

Your bedroom should be a place where distractions are left at the door. Getting rid of the television will help you fall asleep more easily. The same goes with your laptop or desktop computer. Leaving those gadgets in your home office will help you to wind down at night.

2. Make your room smell good

Add a humidifier that has a scent that can promote sleep. Some essential oils can directly affect our nervous system, sending signals to our brain that it’s time to sleep. Lavender, ylang ylang, and jasmine are some of the oils that can promote better sleep. Aromatherapy candles are also good.

3. Add a bench at the foot of the bed

We often sit on our bed to put on our shoes so why not add a bed bench? A bed bench can accentuate your bedroom decor and also provide storage for when you just want to toss your bag or jacket after a long day.

4. Soft textures

Soft linen can entice you to go to bed and sleep longer. A soft carpet can create a cosy atmosphere and provide comfort and warmth to a room. Plus, it can keep your feet warm when you wake up on cold mornings.

5. Keep your things organised

Your bedroom will be more comfortable if it is clean and organised. It’s also visually appealing to see a tidy space. Try organising one part of the room at a time, so you won’t feel too overwhelmed cleaning everything all at once.

6. Drape a throw

Drape a throw across the foot of the bed to add a splash of colour if you have neutral tones in your bedroom decor. Throws are perfect when you just want to take a nap or take some downtime to read a book.

7. Invest in a good mattress

Try a pressure-relieving foam mattress that will be comfortable for your core. Or an inner-spring mattress that can adapt to the body’s contours for firmer support. Whichever you choose, make sure that the mattress gives your body good support, helping keep your spine inline for better posture.

8. A comfortable headboard

Your headboard should be tall and comfortable enough for you to lean back on. But there should be no more than one foot of the headboard above the tallest pillow. An upholstered headboard is an ideal piece of bedroom decor to add a nice layer of texture and comfort when you sit up in bed.

9. Develop consistent sleeping habits

It is a good idea to maintain a consistent sleeping schedule. This includes going to bed early to get at least seven hours of sleep, limiting your exposure to bright lights such as your mobile phone, and limiting your food intake before going to bed.

By incorporating these bedroom decorating ideas, you can ensure that your bedroom will be a personal sanctuary where you can have a peaceful and tranquil sleep. 

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