Why choose an online lender?

Why choose an online lender?
It is a funny thing to say in the 21st Century but many prospective home buyers may not know that the internet is one of the best ways to shop for inexpensive home loans.

Perhaps it is because they are getting constantly hammered by the big banks advertising about home loans all day. 

The internet provides a unique opportunity to save thousands off your home loan and still get the benefits of the loan that you want, by shopping around.

If you are shopping online, why not check out loans.com.au. We have great low interest rates and an online calculator that can help you determine how much you can borrow. And what better place to shop than at home with a cup of coffee, or on a bus with your Smartphone, iPhone or iPad.

Just search online for home loan calculators and get started on finding out how much you can save.

Online home loans often give better rates than other loan companies because they don't have the overheads that other banks do. This also goes for line of credit, car loans or personal loans.

Many online loan companies specialise only in home loans which means they don't have to worry about other banking issues, such as personal and business accounts, other types of loans and investment accounts.

Look for a home loan that offers an offset account for your savings. This means your mortgage loan level is kept at the lowest level it can be with all of your money stored in an offset. The internet has enabled online lenders to be streamlined to provide house loans quickly and efficiently.

Many online loan home companies also have an easier application process. Local banks often want the borrower to come in and discuss their loan needs with a specialist but online companies have a fast and easy application process that sometimes only takes a matter of minutes.

This application process can often provide immediate pre-approval or pre-qualification which can help a borrower who is in the initial stages of buying their home. After all, everyone wants a home (no-one wants a homeloan).

There are many online home loan companies that will allow different terms, and include investment properties as part of the security process. This can be an excellent solution if the borrower either wants to repay their loan quickly or stretch it out for a longer period.

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