Baby Give Back

Baby Give Back collects, sorts and safety checks donated essential items (everything from clothing and nappies to cots, prams and car seats). They support families in the community by working with caseworkers and social workers to provide customised orders for each family to suit their needs and circumstances. Their priority is ensuring that all items are safe and in great condition so that families can feel the love and compassion of their community.

Why do we work with them?

We’re proud to donate to Baby Give Back, and support their mission. We have seen first hand the difference that these donated items can make to people, and we know that a small portion of our time volunteering can make a huge difference to their volunteer’s workload.

Why do we work with them?
What have we achieved?

What have we achieved? are extremely proud to support Baby Give Back through collection drives and volunteer days. In 2021 in our first year of engaging with Baby Give Back, a number of volunteers assisted in cleaning and packing items at the warehouse, and our Brisbane staff donated more than 300 items to vulnerable families in need.


Get to know one of our team members, Jacky.


Get to know one of our team members, Katie.


Get to know Carly from Baby Give Back.

"We are extremely grateful to for selecting Baby Give Back to be part of this program. Through their support, we will be able to ensure every baby has a safe and equal start to life."

- Carly Lovell, Baby Give Back Brisbane Manager

Get to know them

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