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Tell us about yourself...

My name is Barry, I’m married to Melissa and I have twin teenage daughters. I love a beer with friends, I still play a decent level of cricket and I’ve recently fallen in love with golf again. I also love watching my kids play Hockey.

What's your role and how long have you been with the company?

I’m a Software Engineer and I’ve been with the Firstmac Group for almost 19 years.

What is your involvement with the loans.com.au Women, Children & Community Program?

I volunteered by spending a day at the Mini Farm Project.

What do you think of the Program?

The Women, Children & Community Program is excellent. I had a great day volunteering with the Mini Farm Project, and knowing the food is going to help those in need is a wonderful thing. But it’s also great to be providing a healthy option to those who need it rather than the vicious cycle of unhealthy food.

Why did you choose Mini Farm Project as your volunteer day?

I wanted to get my hands dirty and get stuck in and feel I was doing something worth while. You could visibly see the difference you made which is always great. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am grateful for the opportunity.

What would you say to someone considering volunteering?

Pretty simply get in and do something, knowing what you do is helping those less fortunate then ourselves always gives you a sense of goodwill.

To learn about other organisations in our Women, Children & Community Program:

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