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Congratulations to Wests Junior

The fourth $2,000 prize goes to Wests Junior Rugby League Club!

As the fourth winners in our Community Jumpstart, we want to extend a huge congratulations to Wests Junior Rugby League Club!

The team at Nova 106.9 headed out to award the win and it was great to have a chat about how the money will help them jumpstart their season.

Score big for your club in 2023!

Nova 106.9 and loans.com.au have joined forces to offer junior rugby league clubs in Brisbane an incredible jump start. Whether your club needs a fresh training kit, a makeover for the team shed, new tackle pads, or more, we want to hear from you.

Simply share details about your club for a chance to win $2,000 from loans.com.au and give your team a much-needed boost. With seven more prizes to be awarded throughout the rugby league season, the Nova 106.9 sports reporter Mitch Lewis will personally deliver the cheques to the winning clubs, all thanks to loans.com.au. Don't wait any longer - register below and you could give your team an amazing jump start!


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