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Tell us about yourself...

I have worked in communications and marketing for around 15 years and as the Chief Communications and Partnerships Officer for Challenge DV, I find it incredibly rewarding to apply my skills to help an organisation that is working hard for such an important and meaningful cause.

Away from the office, I enjoy running by the river, petting other people’s dogs, and finding amazing new restaurants to dine at.

What do you do with Challenge DV and how long have you been involved?

I have been with Challenge DV for a little over a year and during that time we have gone through some big changes, most notable rebranding from Australia’s CEO Challenge to Challenge DV.

Tell us about your charity/organisation...

We have been partnering with Australian businesses for over 20 years. Our proven Workplace Prevention Program empowers businesses to be part of the solution. We help develop workplace policy and educate managers and staff to recognise the signs of DFV and respond appropriately. We create change by raising awareness and educating workplaces about DFV, facilitating partnerships that match corporate organisations or government departments with front-line services, and hosting events that unite a community no longer able to accept abuse or violence of any form.

What is your involvement with the loans.com.au Women, Children & Community Program?

The loans.com.au Women, Children and Community Program provides ongoing sponsorship through our Darkness to Daylight Challenge. When Darkness to Daylight started, around 110 people were dying each year from domestic and family violence. With that in mind, Darkness to Daylight is a 110km run where each kilometre represents a life lost. Support from loans.com.au Women, Children and Community Program ensures community events, like Darkness to Daylight, can go ahead and we can shine a light on this insidious and unrelenting issue.

This support from the Women, Children & Community Program also extends into our Partnerships Program. loans.com.au provides support to a Brisbane-based women’s shelter. These partnerships are vital for front-line services and offer real support to the shelter and its clients.

What does support from companies like loans.com.au mean to your organisation?

For organisations like loans.com.au helping clients and customers achieve their dreams is in the fabric of who they are.

More than that, loans.com.au sets the standard for businesses across Queensland and even the country by providing targeted support to the community in which it operates.

The team is to be commended on their support which goes far beyond financial assistance and includes employer-supported volunteering, donating items to those in need, raising awareness for local charitable causes, and even empowering women by improving their financial literacy.

We are truly grateful to have a supporters like loans.com.au and proud of the work they do to make our city and our state a better place.

What would you say to someone considering volunteering, getting involved with Challenge DV?

Participating in Darkness to Daylight with your friends, family or colleagues is a great way to get involved with Challenge DV and have some fun while you are there.

We are also always looking for volunteers. I know some people are wanting to help out or give back but not sure how to get involved. If you are keen to join our movement to end domestic and family violence by volunteering your time please reach out to Challenge DV directly at team@challengedv.org.

To learn about other organisations in our Women, Children & Community Program:

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