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Tell us about yourself...

Hi, my name is Luke. I enjoy sports, the outdoors, and spending time with friends and family.

What's your role and how long have you been with the company?

I am the Team Leader of our Auto Sales team, and have been with Firstmac for over 8 years.

What is your involvement with the loans.com.au Women, Children & Community Program?

I’ve participated in a volunteer day with Ronald McDonald House.

What do you think of the Program?

I think it’s a fantastic initiative, providing us the opportunity to get involved in issues affecting our community.

Why did you choose to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House?

As a parent, it’s hard not to feel a very strong connection with the Ronald McDonald Foundation. The work they do is critical in providing some stability to families who are facing very serious challenges. To be involved helping the children and their families was extremely rewarding.

What would you say to someone considering volunteering?

I’d highly recommend everyone get involved. Whilst providing a enormous benefit to the communities you’re serving, volunteering doesn’t have to be ‘hard work’. It was an incredibly rewarding experience, providing me the opportunity to meet new people and test skills I otherwise wouldn’t. To achieve this whilst having fun and giving back to the community was an amazing experience.

To learn about other organisations in our Women, Children & Community Program:

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