Millen Farm - Mini Farm Project

The Mini Farm Project takes underutilised spaces and turn them in to working farms. They donate produce to organisations that feed those in need, and create a culture around nutritious food, following sustainable food practices.

Millen Farm in Samford partners with Meals on Wheels Pine Rivers and Districts and 50% of produce is donated freely.

Why do we work with them?

As part of the Women, Children & Community Program, all & Firstmac group staff have the opportunity to take one annual paid day to do charity work.

We’re proud that a number of our staff chose to support the Mini Farm Project for their charity work, where the teams went out to Millen Farm and supported the volunteers working on the farm and helping with the fresh produce to be donated to the local Meals on Wheels.

Why do we work with them?
What have we achieved?

What have we achieved?

In 2021, approximately 20 staff attended across various volunteer sessions to ensure the farm can continue helping people in need with fresh produce.

We're so proud of our volunteer teams for getting on board for some hard work in the sun and having a great time supporting our local community.


Get to know one of our team members, Claire.


Get to know one of our team members, Barry.


Get to know Nick from The Mini Farm Project.

Get to know them

You can find more about the impact of the Millen Farm here:

And you can learn more about The Mini Farm Project here:

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