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Tell us about yourself...

I am Rochelle, Share the Dignity’s founder and Managing Director. The idea for Share the Dignity was started when I read an article about women experiencing homelessness and going without basic sanitary items during their menstrual cycle.

What do you do with Share the Dignity and how long have you been involved?

In March 2015, I took matters into my own hands and started collecting sanitary items with her my community and distributing them to local shelters. As a result, a simple idea of giving dignity to women, Share the Dignity was created and has grown to a national charity. Consequently, it has over 6,000 volunteers Australia-wide, and most noteworthy provides multiple initiatives aimed at giving dignity to women.

Tell us about Share the Dignity…

Share the Dignity works to make a real, on-the-ground difference in the lives of women and girls experiencing homelessness, fleeing domestic violence or doing it tough. We distribute sanitary items to those in need and work to end period poverty here in Australia. When a woman is doing it tough, the last thing on her mind should be dealing with her period.

We are proud to partner with over 3,000 charities nationally, helping them to assist the women, girls and those who menstruate who desperately need access to period products. This is achieved through our Dignity Drives and Dignity Vending Machines. We also distribute the gift of a bag for those in need at Christmas time through our annual It’s in the Bag campaign.

What is your involvement with the Women, Children & Community Program? have been supporters of Share the Dignity, donating at our Dignity Drives, ensuring that women and girls are given the dignity in life that so many of us take for granted.

What does support from companies like mean to your organisation?

Without the assistance from corporate organisations like, Share the Dignity wouldn’t be able to help end period poverty in Australia.

What would you say to someone considering volunteering or donating?

Donating to Share the Dignity, whether its period products during our Dignity Drives in March or August, a bag filled with essentials during #ItsInTheBag in November or a financial contribution makes such an incredible difference to women and girls doing it tough. What better way could you spend your time than making a difference.

We hear from the charities and people receiving these products just how much it means to them, to not have to choose between food or pads. To be able to go to school because they now have access to period products and don’t need to worry about how to manage their periods. To have fled their home with nothing more than the clothes on their back. No person should ever have to worry about their period like that.

Our Sheroes and Heroes, what we call our volunteers, are the backbone of Share the Dignity. Without them, we cannot run our initiatives and activities across Australia in our work towards ending period poverty.

We are so proud of the amazing community of Sheroes and Heroes we have at Share the Dignity, and it is so special to see the relationships that have been forged through a shared commitment to making the world a better place. We have seen groups establish strong connections and many socialise with each other, even holidaying together, and even volunteer at various charities together.

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