Blog 7 things home buyers want in their new home

7 things home buyers want in their new home

29 June 2018
7 things home buyers want in their new home

Selling your house faster may be possible if you do a bit of an upgrade first. You may be hesitant to do a renovation project because of the costs involved but it will help boost the value of your property as well as make your home much more appealing to a lot of homebuyers.

However, you need to be selective about what kind of home improvements you will make so your investments will all be worth it once your property goes up for sale.

Here are the top 7 features homebuyers want in a home:

1. Natural light

Natural light is the most popular feature that homebuyers want. If your house currently doesn’t have an orientation that gives natural light, there are ways you can bring natural light in. You can install larger windows, trim bushes and trees that block windows, install skylights, and also add a large mirror to reflect light.

2. Laundry room

A separate laundry room is a feature that many homebuyers look for when buying a house because this gives them a designated area where they can wash, dry, fold and iron their clothes in one room. It’s recommended to have the laundry room on the first floor for easy access and convenience.

3. Energy efficient appliances

A lot of people are going green nowadays because of the savings on utility bills as well as the environmental benefits. So adding eco-friendly features to your house will definitely help in the marketability of your property. You can insulate the house, add energy efficient appliances, low-flow faucets and shower heads, and also solar panels.

4. Plenty of storage space

Homebuyers are looking for storage space in many areas of the home, in the garage, walk-in closet, kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and in other parts of the house. This is a sought-after feature because storage can keep the place clutter-free and organised.

5. Backyard to entertain

Most families with children prefer to have a backyard at home. They want to have a place where their children can freely and safely play, instead of hanging out in the streets. This should also be the place where entertaining guests is possible. Some features you can add to make the backyard appealing are to install a deck and improve landscaping.

6. Modern kitchen and bathroom

Kitchens and bathrooms are probably the most expensive rooms to renovate in a house but they are what every homebuyer looks for. To update the kitchen you can add a large island for eating and cooking space, open shelves, hardwood flooring, and stainless steel appliances.

For a modern bathroom, choose an open bathroom design, a spacious walk-in shower and metallic water fixtures.

7. A home office

Many people are now working from home thanks to technology. So many homebuyers will find a home office appealing. To add a home office, you can simply stage one room in the house so homebuyers can envision themselves working at home since there’s no need to conduct a major renovation to build a home office.