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To stay or go during your home renovation

22 October 2017
To stay or go during your home renovation

When it comes to home renovation projects, homeowners are faced with a dilemma: should we stay at home during construction or should we leave? Home renovation involves mess and a lot of noise, so the question may be hard to answer. In this article, take a look at some factors that you may want to think about before embarking on a renovation project, and by looking at these points, you may be able to answer the question for yourself: 

  • Budget - As with everything else, think about how much you can spend on temporary accommodation should you need to leave, as well as the costs of the entire home renovation project. Take note that some home professionals have extra fees if their clients stay at home during a renovation. 
  • Type of project - There's no point in weighing the pros and cons of staying or leaving the home during a home renovation project if it's a major one, such as replacing the roof. In general, leave the home if the project involves disruption of electricity and water supply or heating and cooling systems. 
  • Scope of the project - Determine the scope of the renovation project. There's no need to ask yourself if you will stay or go if more than half of your home needs to be renovated. 
  • Children - If you have kids, it is usually better to stay in a rental. There can be a lot of noise from renovation projects which can greatly affect kids' nap times and other activities. Kids interrupting workers can also contribute to slow progress which can add to the total cost. 
  • Pets - If you have pets at home then you will probably need to leave the house during a renovation project. The noise can make them agitated. Some builders also add clauses in the contract which indicate that they are not liable should pets escape during the renovation. 
  • Peace of mind - When it comes to major renovations, leaving home can help you to keep your sanity. While staying will enable you to know the state of your project, staying elsewhere will give you some peace.