What to look for when inspecting a house

What to look for when inspecting a house

It is easy to get caught up with emotions when looking for a house. This means that having a checklist will come in handy to help you make a logical decision.

Save yourself from problems with our useful buying a house checklist, so you know what to look for when buying a house.

Where is the house located?

We often hear the phrase “location, location, location” from property investors when asked about what they look for in an investment property. That is also true with buying an owner-occupier house. Location is the most important feature as you can always renovate and change the looks of the house, but never the location.

Are you near amenities that are important to you?’

Public transportation, shops, hospitals, good schools, cafes, restaurants and parks are some of the amenities that may be important to you depending on your lifestyle. If so, you will want to live nearby to avoid the hassle of having to drive or walk a long way. Additionally, a house close to work is ideal to avoid the stress of a long commute.  

What is the floorplan and number of rooms?

The number of beds and bathrooms shouldn’t be ignored when you’re looking for a house. It should be suitable for you and your family. Apart from the quantity of rooms, you should also pay attention to where these rooms are located. Is the master bedroom near the living room? This may not suit you, because the noise may bother you. So better check the floorplan of the house to see if you’re okay with it.

Does it have an adequate amount of natural light?

Don’t underestimate the importance of natural light. Having this in your house can reduce your electricity bills and save you money. Plus, it can liven up any room. Look for houses that have a good amount of natural light all year-round. Usually, houses that facing north-west will give you the natural light you want. If in doubt, bring a compass.

Is everything working perfectly?

You don’t want your newly bought house to have problems. Inspect it to see if everything is working perfectly including the sinks, the showers, air-conditioning, lights, the plumbing system, and the power outlets. Repairs can cost you, so better test these things before you sign the contract.  

Is the overall structure okay?

Getting a building and pest inspection is good, but getting a building and pest inspection from an independent inspector is better. You want your house to be structurally strong and safe to live in. Apart from that, you want it to be free from any kind of pests and termites.

Use our checklist and spend some time inspecting every houses that you visit so you won’t live in regret once you buy it. To get you started with home ownership, check out our home loan products and see which product will suit you the best.