What is a green car?

Green cars come in all different colours, not just green! What they have in common is that they are good for the environment. To qualify as a green car, a vehicle needs to have significantly lower than average carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions when compared to other cars of its size.

Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas which contributes to climate change. When you drive a green car, you are helping to reduce impact of climate change and protecting the environment. As a bonus, green cars are usually very fuel efficient, so you are likely to enjoy lower running costs.

Does your car qualify for our clean green rate?

To find out if your car is on our approved list of green cars, just call 13 10 90 and speak with one of our car lending experts.

Your car is likely to be on the list if:

  • It is new or a demonstration vehicle
  • It is more fuel efficient than average for a car of its size
  • It is a hybrid vehicle

Some examples of cars which fit this criteria are certain models of Mazda 2, Ford Fiesta, Honda Jazz, Volkswagen Golf and many more^. Call us to find out if your car qualifies.

Lower rate for lower emission

If your vehicle qualifies you can save 0.7% on your car loan interest rate.

  • 3.97%
    fixed rate p.a.*
  • 4.51%
    comp rate p.a.*

Our green car discount is the result of a partnership with the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, an Australian Government-owned Green Bank that was established to assist investment in renewable energy, energy efficiency and low emissions technologies.

Why are we doing it?

Being more energy efficient and cutting emissions matters because it is the key to preventing climate change and saving the planet for future generations.

'If every new car buyer chose the lowest emissions car available, our national average carbon emissions would improve by 50 per cent.' – National Transport Commission.

  • Fight climate change
  • Improve air quality
  • Conserve our energy resources
  • Save on running costs

Our car loan steps

$5,000 is our minimum lending limit for a car loan
$100,000 is our maximum lending limit for a personal car loan
$150,000 is our maximum lending limit for a business car loan
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Our awards

Our Car Loans received 2021 Mozo Experts Choice Award, multiple 2021 RateCity Gold Awards, and 2020 Canstar 5-star Rating for Outstanding value, reflecting its status as one of Australia’s best value car loans.