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Case Study: Richard

We're interviewing some of our amazing loans.com.au customers to get to know their home and car-buying stories.


Car loan customer

Meet Richard, an awesome customer of ours who came to us when it was time to purchase a new car.

Age: 60s

Location: Logan, Queensland

Richard Richard

We had a chat with machine operator Richard and asked him a few questions on his experience, challenges, and how he overcame them..


I had my old car for 21 years. Around ten years ago it was seriously dented in a hail storm. The repairers did a poor job and within five years the paint coating started peeling everywhere they had repaired. The running gear and interior were all in good condition but my wife, Alison was embarrassed to have it parked at the house. After some shopping around, we found a new Toyota Corolla at a dealer and decided to buy it.


  • Getting the finance in a rush as the car I bought was available for immediate pick-up and the dealer wanted to receive the money before the end of the month.


  • I applied for two loans to secure funding in case one fell through - one with the dealer and one with loans.com.au. Whoever came up with the money first got my business. Thank you loans.com.au!

“easy to deal with and they had a lovely competitive interest rate.”

How was your loans.com.au experience?

If you need a car loan, I found loans.com.au easy to deal with and they had a lovely competitive interest rate. I found every aspect of dealing with loans.com.au easy from application through to receipt of their remittance. The OnTrack programme kept everything ticking along with no delays. When loans.com.au realised the short timeframe I had, they immediately escalated the application and assigned Crystal to handle it. The Ontrack mobile application app was an excellent tool to keep track of progress and to submit and receive required documentation. It provides full traceability of the loan status. The Customer Support Team were keen to see my loan application go through and kept well on top of matters. I would recommend loans.com.au to anyone as they get the job done and the offered interest rate is very good in a competitive market.

loans.com.au customer?

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