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Case Study: Nikki

We had a chat with Nikki and asked him a few questions on his experience, challenges, and how he overcame them.


Home loan customer

Meet Nikki, a fantastic customer of ours who came to us when it was time to buy a bigger home.

Age: 40s

Relationship status: Married with a son

Stage of the journey: Buying his second home

Nikki Nikki

We had a chat with Nikki, who is a Brisbane-based IT Manager, and asked him a few questions on his experience, challenges, and how he overcame them.


My wife and I have a son and we are looking to potentially expand our family with another child, so we needed a bigger house. We had a three-bedroom home previously and now we have a four bedroom home that is a bit more centrally located. Buying and selling at the same time is always tricky. We wanted to work out a deal with the person buying our old home, the person selling to us, and, of course, ensure that the finance arrangements would support that. loans.com.au played a large role managing the finance side of things and ensuring that no bridging finance was required.


  • Selling our old house and buying the new one with minimal financial risk while avoiding expensive bridging finance.

“We got a lot of helpful advice from loans.com.au”

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  • We got a lot of helpful advice from loans.com.au. We got pre-approval for our home loan and we had a lot of talks with them to determine our buying capacity and understand the market and understand the manoeuvres that we could and couldn’t do. Then we presented that to our other parties and negotiated to set the deadlines so that everything matched up financially. The property we sold settled hours before we had to settle for the new property we were buying. The arrangement was that the funds would transfer from the sale of our old home directly into the loan for the purchase of the new one!

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How did you find dealing with loans.com.au?

It was great. loans.com.au played a big role in us being able to understand what kind of options there were for organising this deal and being able to plan. That meant we could come to negotiations armed with a good position. Most of our communication was done online including articulation of the problem but there were a few phone calls too. We had a dedicated team that was helping us and if something couldn’t be resolved with a message or email they would always give us a call back.

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