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Checklist to sell your property fast

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Smart Home Loan

The Smart Home Loan is our super-low rate loan that will save you money on interest and fees.

  • 4.23%
    variable rate p.a.**
  • 4.25%
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How to prepare for selling your house: a checklist

Selling your property can be an arduous task with a lot of preparation needed, especially if you're planning on buying a house before selling your current home. Here is a checklist to make the process easier and less stressful.

Decide when to sell

If you have control over the timing of the sale, be sure to do your research so you can sell near the top of the cycle, not the bottom.

Tidy up your property

Make sure that your house is in good condition inside and out. A property in premium condition will fetch a premium price when it’s time to sell. Tidy up your house by finishing all of the outstanding repairs and maintenance, decluttering everything and tidying up your garden. 

Home staging

Home staging will give prospective buyers a visualisation of how they could live in the house. The key to good home staging is to depersonalise the space by removing your picture frames and your collections. The property should be neat and tidy. The home style should have modern aesthetics and buyers should feel comfortable living in the house.  

Hire a real estate agent

It’s imperative that you choose your real estate agent carefully since they’re the one who will be responsible for marketing, advertising, finding prospective buyers and showing them the property. They will be the key person to make your sale a success.

Hire an agent who has excellent knowledge of the local area. Once it’s time to sign the contract with your chosen real estate agent, make sure you read the agreement thoroughly, considering the commission and fees involved. You can seek legal advice to ensure you completely understand the terms and conditions of the contract.

Know your selling price

Your real estate agent will suggest a price range for the property but it is important to do your own research. Look at recent comparable sales, get an online valuation, and make your own judgement. Remember that when they are pitching for your business real estate agents will often woo you with inflated estimates of the property's value and then try to talk your expectations down once negotiations with buyers start.

Prepare the contract

You need a solicitor or conveyancer to prepare the contract of sale. Information needed includes the details of the owner, title, settlement dates, all conditions of the sale and the inclusions such as carpet, furniture and appliances.

Advertise your property

Advertising can help you sell your property fast. You may need to do online promotion such as posting photos, and putting descriptions on real estate websites and social media. Offline promotions such as flyers, brochures, open houses and a sign out the front will also be effective in selling your property fast.

Quality photos

Make sure that you have good quality photos of the house. Photos should look professional with good lighting. Taking a photo with a smartphone might not be enough. Use a good camera, or better yet hire a good photographer to do the job for you.

Video tour

Take advantage of video marketing besides images, including offering a video tour around the house showcasing the features and amenities of the property.

Arrange the contract

This will be the responsibility of the solicitor and bank of both parties. You should be able to arrange the details of the contract to make sure that both parties are in legal and financial agreement.  

Hand over your keys

Once everything is completed, it’s time to handover the keys to your house and the legal right to your property.

Congratulations, you have sold your house! 

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