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8 apps to help you build your dream home

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Start your planning and build your dream home today

Thinking of building your own home? Regardless whether you’re an amateur or a professional home designer, house design apps are great tools to help you. They perform a range of functions from providing interior design inspiration, renovation and home improvement ideas, to building measurements, DIY tutorials and much more.

We have rounded up eight of the best house design apps for both Android and iPhone users to help you get inspired, start your planning and build your dream home today.

1. Houzz

Whether you’re building, remodelling or decorating, the Houzz app has got it all. There are over 11 million high-resolution photos of home interiors and exteriors. You can design by style, location, or room type. You can even connect with home improvement professionals such as architects and interior decorators to help you achieve the look you want for your home by showing them your saved favourites in your “Ideabook”.

2. DesignMine

This building app is somewhat similar to Houzz but it has a different workflow. You can design your own spaces with different styles from high-quality images. It lets you pin your personalised design boards and also pin other people’s designs. You can even collaborate with local professionals to bring your visions to life.

3. MagicPlan

For your floor planning, MagicPlan is your go-to app. It lets you measure your room and create floor plans just by taking photos with your phone. This app is very helpful when you’re buying furniture so you know what size will fit in your space. You can also add objects, annotations, and attributes to complete the plan of your property without the need to actually draw a floor plan.

4. Color Capture

Mixing, matching and blending colours is one of the most difficult yet important elements when it comes to the design of your home. The colour capture app will help you identify colours just by snapping a picture. It will match the colour to the closest shade and match/contrast with various colour schemes.

5. Curate

Hanging artwork in your house seems like an easy task but once done the artwork might not look as you expected. Thanks to Curate, you can check what the artwork will look like by seeing the artwork scaled correctly to your wall.

6. Pinterest

Home design inspiration and DIY projects are one of the specialties of the Pinterest app. This is a fun and easy way to explore the web based on your interests. You can easily find interior design inspiration, DIY Projects, and much more. Pinterest enables you to pin your favourite images to boards so you can draw ideas from them in the future.

7. Handyman Calculator

Reduce waste and save time and money with the Handyman Calculator app. This app has everything you need when it comes to managing your home projects. It has a time tracking tool so you know if you will complete your job within the planned time frame, a to-do list, multiple calculators and converters for your measurements and much more.

8. Home Design 3D Outdoor and Garden

This app has features that can help you with your outdoor and garden design and lets you create a realistic image of your planned garden using 3D graphics. 

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