Simplicity and Moderation: Future trend of green building

According to US Boston based architecture firm, Albert, Righter & Tittmann, the future of green building should be towards simplicity and moderation.
The company’s research noted that at a time when there is an abundance of green materials and solutions for the development of more sustainable buildings for the construction industry, the focus should be on going back to basics.
The believe that there should be an emphasis on elemental concepts and challenges that exist in green building.
House size is a key element, with green houses ideally being relatively smaller, as a smaller home leads to less wasted space and therefore a reduction in material and energy waste, posited the company.
The company promoted several key design plans that it states will improve energy efficiency.
It maintained that one of the ways to do this is to reduce air leakage, therefore it’s important to adopt airtight construction methods that produce a long-lasting airtight layer.
Energy waste can also be minimised by implementing a suitable thermal insulation system into green building.

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