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Winter is Here: 4 Cosy Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Winter is Here: 4 Cosy Outdoor Decorating Ideas

The outdoor space is the area in a house that people are least likely to consider hanging out in during winter. It’s quite difficult to stay for a long time when you can no longer feel your feet.

This shouldn’t be the case though. By adding a couple of winter decorations here and there, you can create an outdoor living space that is warm and inviting where you can relax or even entertain guests during the colder months.

Here are four outdoor winter decorating ideas you can try using on your balcony, backyard or porch:

1: Drape a throw

A thick and cosy throw is a simple yet stylish solution for the colder months. This adds a warm texture to your outdoor space. You can simply drape this over your outdoor chairs. There are many throw design options. You can opt for a solid colour or even pick one that has patterns on it. Just make sure that the throw works well with your outdoor style.

2: Decorate with rustic elements

Rustic elements can give you a cabin style that suits the winter season. Some rustic elements you can add are tree branches in vases, resin antlers you can hang above the doors, wooden frames hung by the front doors, chunky knit cushions, and outdoor furniture made from pallets.

3: Add a fire pit

The cooler weather is the perfect time for you and your mates to enjoy a bonfire, not only because it can warm you up during the chilly evenings but it can also create a social environment. Some good options for a fire pit are a rustic fire bowl or a copper fire pit for a modern design, a campfire setup for a more traditional look, or even a table that has a built-in fire pit.

4: Improve your outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is important if you want to continue entertaining your guests in the evening. Good lighting can instantly add some oomph and it can completely change the atmosphere of your outdoor living area. A good option for outdoor lighting is fairy lights that are strung up around the perimeter or even in your fire pit when you’re not using it.

Transforming your outdoor living area so it's fit for winter will definitely let you enjoy the outdoors more.

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