9 tips for updating your bedroom this weekend

9 Tips for Updating Your Bedroom This Weekend

Your bedroom is a place where you spend a lot of time, so it's great if you can make it feel like a personal sanctuary. Even better, because it's the only one room you can usually update it in a single weekend. Here are nine simple ideas to transform your bedroom.

1. New bed linen

Replacing your old bedding is an easy way to transform your bed. You can choose bed linen that matches one of the colours in your bedroom, like the colour of your walls, floors, or curtains. This way there’s harmony in the colours of your bedroom.

2. Hang photos

A simple DIY project you can do is to print out memorable photos of your travels or other events in your life and then frame them and hang them on the walls. You can print them in black and white and frame them in different sizes to give them a more interesting look.

3. Fresh coat of paint

Painting your walls is an inexpensive renovation you can do to your bedroom over the weekend. You can introduce an accent wall painted with a bold colour, preferably behind the bed to create an over-sized bedhead.

4. Add a mirror

Do you have a small bedroom? You can place a full-length mirror to reflect the natural light throughout the room and add depth. Make sure to put the mirror opposite the window or in the corner of the room to reflect the light.

5. Lay a rug

Update your bedroom by laying a new rug. Rugs can make the room feel cosy and create a sense of balance in the space. You can add a small rug to the side of the bed for a decorative look, or lay a larger rug for a cosy feel.

6. Invest in an air humidifier

The scent of the room can determine how we feel about a space. To make your bedroom smell good, invest in an air humidifier or scented candles. Plus, certain scents like lavender and chamomile can improve your sleep and relieve stress.

7. Update your window treatments

Updating your window treatments can easily transform your bedroom. These are also easy to install. Go for a simple colour, texture, and pattern since this can work well with any bedroom style.

8. Add some patterns

You can add some patterns to your room through simple decorative pieces like a throw pillow. Don’t be afraid to go bold to liven up your bedroom, but make sure you can mix and match pieces with your existing furnishings. You can go for stripes, florals, animal prints, or classic toile patterns.

9. De-clutter your bedroom

The simplest bedroom idea that should be done on a regular basis is de-cluttering your bedroom. You can start by cleaning your bedside table, the top of your dresser, and closet. Put away the things you don’t need to simplify the stuff in your bedroom.

These easy bedroom ideas can transform your bedroom from drab to fab. Plus, it’s possible to accomplish these simple renovation projects over the weekend!  

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