Going with an online lender

Going with an online lender
When you need to take out a mortgage for a house loan, there are hundreds of different lenders that are competing for your business.

When it comes to housing loans these people operate because they have a niche business that usually undercuts the mortgage interest rates of the major banks. Online lenders have the potential to make things a lot easier on you and even save you some money, plus you do everything online which means you can put your feet up, grab a drink and do some home mortgage business from your most comfortable chair.

Online mortgages

When you are trying to decide which mortgage to go with, shopping online is a lot easier.

Instead of having to get out and go to many different banks to stand in line to apply for loans, you can simply navigate to different websites from the comfort of home and review the online home loans on offer.

loans.com.au offers an easy online approval process and great low rates. You don't have to go anywhere to apply for the loan as long as you have Internet access which means no need to leave work (or home) and you can still enjoy your lunch time.

Once you find a loan that you want to apply for, the lender will allow you to apply online. When they need to verify your income, you can then send in your verification documents by fax or email. This has the potential to save you quite a bit of time compared to going around and shopping in person.

Better still, once you find a loan rate that you like, you can break out the online home loan calculator to see how much you have to pay – and how much you really have to spend on a homeloan after paying a deposit, any applicable home loan fees, and insurance.

Saving money

Apart from convenience, online lenders usually save you money because they lend at a reduced rate for mortgage loans.

During the process of choosing which mortgage you want, you should look at the many and varied interest rates that are quoted for a rates mortgage. Online lenders typically do not have the same levels of overhead that regular lenders do. Because of this, they can extend the savings to their customers and save you money on closing costs and interest rates.

Even if you only get a quarter of a percent lower rate, this could save you thousands of dollars over the life of your loan. You'll get a lower monthly payment to deal with and you won't have to pay as much interest over your loan. But beware of the fees and charges.

The honourable lenders include the fees and charges on a mortgage rate and call it a “comparison rate”. That allows you to compare apples with apples and work out what you can afford.

Going with an online lender

Although you might feel a little bit uncomfortable working with an online lender at first, it is basically the same thing as working with a traditional lender. The only difference is that you do not have to go into an office to get things done. If you have a Smartphone or an iPhone then you do not need a branch to visit. Just make sure that you have done your homework to ensure that you are saving enough money by choosing to go online.

The best way to calculate how much you have to pay is with an online calculator. Simply search for ‘home loan calculator home loan calculator’ or ‘home calculator loan’ and you can work it out instantly for free. The Internet has made finding loan rates and getting loans in Australia easy.

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