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Low interest rates and no ongoing fees. Rates from:

  • 5.44%
    fixed rate p.a.*
  • 5.99%
    comparison rate p.a.*

Secure a low rate for the life of your car loan

These super low rates are fixed, so you know exactly how much your repayments are and they don't change for the life of the loan.

When it comes to car loans, we can confidently say this is a great low rate you will be happy with for years to come.

Our easy online application takes only minutes and we've removed all the speed bumps along the way.

At we do everything possible to make it easy for you to drive away in your new car, sooner. 

Car loan features

  • Available for personal use
  • Private or dealer sales
  • New or used vehicle 
  • $5,000 minimum loan amount
  • $100,000 maximum loan amount
  • 3, 4 or 5 year loan term available
  • Principal and interest 
  • Early payout available

Personal Loans

Get your motor running with our super-low interest rate car loans. Whether you are buying your dream car or your just-for-now car, you will come out ahead with our super-low fixed rates.

We offer loans of 3, 4, or 5 years, on both new and used vehicles.
We can help you with a loan for a car bought privately, through a dealership or an auction.

Using your car as security, our loans have no ongoing fees, and fixed rates so you know exactly how much your repayments will be over the entire term of the loan.

Business Car Loans

Whether you are a small business, partnership or sole trader, we have a super-low-rate car loan for you.

With our business vehicle loans, no GST is charged on your monthly loan repayments and our loans are fully secured against the vehicle so no additional assets are required as security.

Our car loans make it easy because we also let you finance costs associated with the
purchase of the vehicle such as comprehensive insurance, on-road costs, and registration.

All of our loans are fixed rate so you know how much is payable per month for the life of the loan, making budgeting easy.

We also offer balloon payments (see below), to further reduce the impact of finance on your business cash flow.

All about the Balloon Payments

We know that everyone’s circumstances are different, so we also offer a handy “balloon” payment option.

This differs from a standard car loan because you don’t just make a series of equal monthly payments to pay off the loan. Instead, you have lower monthly payments, and then a larger payment at the end called a balloon payment. This final payment typically totals 20-50% of the loan value.
The advantages of a balloon are:
  • It may help you afford a better car because of the lower repayments
  • You can trade in your vehicle at the end of the loan and use the money from the sale to repay the balloon. Many people estimate what their car will be worth at the end of the loan period, and nominate that as the balloon payment.

Balloon Payment Periods

  Term Max Balloon   Term Max Balloon
New Car 3 years 50% Used Car 3 years 40%
  4 years 40%   4 years 30%
  5 years 30%   2 years  20%

Award winning car loan

We are proud to announce that our low-rate car loan has won the 2016 MOZO Experts Choice Award

We also recieved the 2016 CANSTAR 5-Star Rating for Outstanding Value!

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Fast track your application

If you're ready to move fast on a car loan, we can get you there with our speedy, hassle-free online application process.

Get your loan from approval to settlement quickly with onTrack, giving you control over your application, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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No monthly or ongoing fees

No one likes to spend more than they have to, that’s why our car loan has no ongoing monthly fees. It’s another way is helping you save more.

We do everything possible to make it easy for our customers to get into their new car sooner. Our team is helpful, friendly, and most importantly, experts in car finance.

Report reveals impact of car loan repayments

A report by the Australian Automobile Association (AAA) has revealed that the average Australian family is spending up to $22,000 every year on transport, with the largest component being car loan repayments.

According to Managing Director Marie Mortimer, the report is a wake-up call for borrowers, showing that they need to get as serious about finding the best value car loan as they are about their home loans.

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Fees & costs

Fees Amount
Establishment fee $400
Annual fee $0
Monthly fee $0
Discharge fee $0