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Affordable electric cars in Australia

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With no respite in sight for households struggling with rising fuel prices, electric cars are becoming an increasingly viable money saving alternative. As demand continues to rise, more and more affordable options are available for those looking to make the transition. This article highlights the cheap electric cars available in Australia, and the potential benefits of taking the plunge and switching.

Electric cars you can drive away for less than $60,000

Hyundai Kona

At the upper end of the scale for affordable electric cars is the Hyundai Kona. A brand familiar to most Australians, the Kona is a fully electric SUV, with a range of up to 449km. The Kona starts at $57,429 drive away, more expensive than the MG ZS and BYD Atto, but with a wider range of features.


The MG ZS is one of two contenders for the cheapest electric car currently on the market in Australia, with prices beginning at $44,990 driveaway. The MG is a small, modern SUV designed for urban environments. MG say that city driving gives the ZS a range of over 370km. It also offers a spacious interior, build quality and extended warranties for both the vehicle and battery.

Nissan Leaf

One of the first fully electric cars to be sold in Australia, the Leaf was briefly discontinued, but returned to Australian markets in August 2022. The Leaf is a hatchback, with pricing beginning at $50,990 before on road costs for the base model. It has some innovative features, including the ePedal, which allows the driver to start, accelerate, decelerate and stop using only the accelerator pedal.

BYD Atto 3

The newest major entrant to the electric vehicle market is Chinese manufacturer BYD. Their Atto 3 became available to Australians in September 2022, and is cheaper to drive away than the MG ZS in certain states. Like the MG, the Atto is a small SUV, with claims a range of up to 420km. The standard model is priced at $44,381 before road costs, and the extended addition (with an additional 60km of range) begins at $47,381.

BYD Dolphin

BYD will also be introducing the EA1 or Dolphin to the Australian market in the coming months. Already on sale in China, the Dolphin is a small hatchback, with the retail price anticipated to be less than $35,000. The Dolphin has a claimed range of 301km, and is indicative of the projected trend for electric cars in Australia to continue to become more affordable.

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Why switch to an electric car?

Zero emissions

As well as being environmentally responsible, there are practical positives to driving a zero emission vehicle. All Australian states or territories offer some degree of financial incentives to switch to zero emission vehicles, from reduced or abolished stamp duty to rebates and subsidies of up to $3,000. Your health will also benefit. Some estimates put the amount of people who die every year from causes related to air pollution at over 2,000. Eliminating tailpipe emissions from your own vehicle will reduce your own exposure to harmful fumes, and contribute to improving Australia’s air quality.

Cheaper running costs

The main appeal of electric cars for many Australians is the opportunity to dramatically cut down on running costs. You would not have to spend over $20 to fully charge any of the cars mentioned here. Electric cars also tend to be cheaper to service, as they are missing many of the mechanical components that require servicing in conventional cars.

Enhanced energy security

With a petrol or diesel car, you are heavily reliant on the supply of imported fuels, which can be volatile, as the last twelves months have demonstrated. All you’ll need to power your electric vehicle is access to the power grid, so making the switch improves your energy independence

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