Top tips for selecting and engaging a builder

Top tips for selecting and engaging a builder
Now that you have your land it's time to build your dream home. To help you achieve your dream you will need a builder.
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Searching for the right home builder can be a daunting task because it not something you often do.

So to help you selecting and engage the right home builder, here’s a list of tips:

Ask for a quote

When building a home, price is hugely important. Make sure to ask for a detailed quotation. It will be a helpful tool when you compare builders and lets you assess what different builders include in their service.

Look for experience and credentials

Renovating a home is different from building a new house. Look for home builders who have relevant experience and credentials for your home project. Are you planning on adding a terrace to your house? A builder who builds shopping malls may not be the perfect fit. So make sure that you check their past work to look for similar experience.

Check their insurance and warranties

Does your home builder offer a structural warranty for their work and have home builder’s liability insurance? Do they also have personal builder’s injury insurance for their workers? Knowing the level of the coverage of their insurance and warranty can give you peace of mind just in case something goes wrong during the project.  

Know your primary contact

The person who presented the quotation to you may not be the person who you’re going to communicate with during the project. Know who your primary contact is to ensure the success of your dream home project.

Read the contract

Find out exactly what’s included and excluded. Always make sure that you fully understand the contract to avoid unexpected mishaps.

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