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Flexible options

  • 1, 2 or 3 year fixed terms available to lock in a great low rate and gain peace of mind.

  • The rate is fixed but the options aren’t. Choose your term and consider the ways you can get the best out of our low fixed rates.

  • For flexibility, you have the option of a split loan with a portion fixed and the rest on a variable rate. That provides the certainty of a fixed rate, but lets you enjoy the benefit of any rate cut, and still use 100% offset sub-account to minimise your interest.

Added security
You can apply for Rate Lock to ensure your interest rate doesn’t change in the period between application and settlement.

Repayment options
Choose weekly, fortnightly, or monthly repayments with up to five years interest-only and, at the end of the fixed term, your interest rate reverts to a variable rate.

Property transfers
Your fixed rate home loan is transferrable from one property to the next without the need for a full application process. 

Our Super Low Fixed Rates

Fixed Rate Term
Owner Occupier Fixed Rate Comp Rate*
Investor Fixed Rate Comp Rate*

Upfront fees & costs

Our fees & costs


Monthly fee:


Annual fee:


Application fee:


Settlement fee:


Government and third party costs


Valuation fee (may be higher in some cases):

$220 or at cost

Government fees and charges:

at cost

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