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Getting a Home Loan in Australia if you're living overseas

image for Getting a Home Loan in Australia if you're living overseas

If you’re an Australian living overseas, you may think you’re missing out on great real estate investment opportunities back home. The good news is you can still invest in the housing market while living abroad.  

Before you buy an investment property, you need a good home loan. Obtaining a good home loan is the first step to a successful property investment even when you’re out of the country. Getting a loan while living abroad can be complicated—but not impossible.

Read on to learn the basics of home loan applications for expats. 

Can you get a home loan in Australia if you’re living overseas? 

Yes! Australian expats don’t have to worry about eligibility for loans even while living outside of Australia. Non-residents can apply for a home loan even if they’re living and working abroad. When applying for a home loan for investment you must have the following: 

  • Australian citizenship 
  • Australian bank account 

An Australian bank account is needed because it’s where loan repayments will be taken from. If you’re taking out a loan with a redraw or offset sub-account, this may be enough to meet the bank account requirement, depending on the lender. 

What type of home loan can you get as a non-resident borrower? 

At, we offer an affordable non-resident home loan for expats who want to take advantage of the booming Australian real estate market. Even when you’re away from home, you can still expand your investment portfolio by investing in Australian residential properties. 

Here’s what you can expect with’s ex-pat home loan:

Interest rates 

Contrary to popular belief, you can get low-rate home loans even if you’re residing outside Australia. At, we offer great low rates and zero ongoing annual fees for our Ex-Pat home loan product. Save more with’s competitive interest rates and get the best deal possible on your home loan with no recurring fees. 

Loan limits 

You can get a sizable loan amount when you apply for a non-resident home loan with our Ex-Pat home loan allowing a maximum borrowing of $1.5M, and up to 80% LVR. The actual amount will depend on various factors like the property value, deposit amount, and the like.  

With our Ex-Pat loan terms ranging from 15 to 30 years, we’re confident we can meet your Ex-Pat loan needs. Discuss your financial situation with our friendly lending specialist so they can assist you in finding the best terms for your loan. 


As an online lender, we know how to accommodate borrowers without needing in-person transactions. You can rest assured that your loan application will go smoothly with the help of our seasoned lending specialist team. 

We also offer an offset sub-account with Visa debit card access for your loan with no additional costs. You can pay off your loan quickly and efficiently with less interest. In addition, you’ll have unlimited free redraw facilities so you can reduce your loan term while having access to your savings. 

You can also enjoy zero application fees, monthly fees, and annual fees! Save more and get the best rates for a non-resident home loan. 

Apply for an affordable Ex-pat Home Loan at 

Learn more about the loans available for non-resident borrowers or expats by calling 13 10 90. Or you can arrange a call with one of our friendly lending specialists. We’re more than happy to discuss your home loan needs!  

If you’re ready to apply, you can pre-qualify for a home loan today!

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