Blog What’s your bedroom renovation budget?

What’s your bedroom renovation budget?

22 September 2015
What’s your bedroom renovation budget?

Does your bedroom need a bit of help? This most private of rooms is the one part of your home where you can take the biggest risks in interior design to express yourself and create a space that is just for you.

The best place to start is to work out a budget for your bedroom makeover, and decide on the design theme. Will it be sleek and minimalist? Shabby chic? Steampunk? Resort? Earthy? The options are endless.

Low budget

The best thing about redecorating your bedroom is you can get big results for not a lot of money. A new colour scheme of paint on the walls, or even just a feature wall of wallpaper, will make a dramatic difference. Freshen it up with new tones and continue the colour scheme in consistent hues for linen, cushions, floor mats, and wall art. Visit markets and second hand shops for quirky pieces that complement your design theme, or rejuvenate an old item of furniture, like a chair or chest, as the centrepiece. Ideally, it would be positioned as a focal point of the room as well as being functional.

Mid budget

Even with a moderate amount to spend on revamping your bedroom, planning is the key to a finish that makes you happy and makes the most of the investment of your time and money. The walls are still the place to start, with new paint effects or wallpaper to set the tone. Perhaps it is time to update your bed, or at least your bedhead, and bedside tables. Decide whether the look you want lends itself more to new furniture or period pieces, and make a shortlist of your options. Visit some showrooms to find signature pieces, and think about changing the light fittings. At least, choose new bedside lamps and decide whether plants add to your theme. Get the carpet cleaned and add a rich rug to the floor. Finish the design with new linen and window treatments like curtains, drapes, or blinds.

Big budget

If money is not a consideration, there are limitless options for renovating your bedroom. A walk-in wardrobe with a well-lit vanity area is a popular inclusion that will add value to your home, and enlarged windows are a feature that will transform the room. All that natural light lends itself to greenery, so consider whether a living wall might work, or an indoor tree like a palm or fig. Lay new carpet or have the floorboards polished, and replace your bedroom furniture with new or antique pieces. Search galleries for art to accentuate the theme and design the lighting to draw attention to the focal points in the room. Consider networking the electronics to be centrally controlled from the bed and create a dedicated workspace, reading nook, or separate retreat area.

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