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A fully-featured low-rate home loan.

  • Redraw offset facility
  • Visa debit card
  • No ongoing fees
  • Smart Money app
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It’s smart to save even more with an offset.

Our Offset home loan with a 100% redraw offset facility can help you to pay off your loan faster and with less interest.

Whenever you put money into your redraw offset facility that money is 100% “offset” against your home loan.

So if you had a home loan of $350,000 and $5,000 in your redraw offset facility, you only pay interest on $345,000.

Monthly repayments
Your monthly repayment won’t change, but you will pay off more on your home loan each month, so you will pay off your loan faster and with less total interest.

Online, ATM and VISA debit access
You have full access to your money in the redraw offset facility, with a free VISA debit card, ATMs and online.

Make your money work smarter for you
You can maximise the "offset effect" by arranging for your salary to be paid into your redraw offset facility. In this way your money is immediately put to work for you, saving interest!

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