Budget-Friendly Ways to Design a Minimalist Home

Budget-Friendly Ways to Design a Minimalist Home

A minimalist lifestyle is sophisticated, laid-back and sleek. If you want to create a minimalist design in your home but don’t know how, we’ve put together some tips to help you create your minimalist home on a budget.

De-Clutter your space

A key feature of minimalism is having few things in sight. Organise all of your things at home from the most-used to the least-used. You can put your least-used items inside storage boxes, cabinets, or drawers.

Manage your colours

If you want to create a rustic, bohemian or even an industrial style of home design, you can still achieve minimalism as long as you know how to manage your colours. Start with neutral tones such as white, tan or grey. Then you can mix in different coloured items and furniture that blend in well with your chosen colour palette. It’s a good idea to limit yourself to two to three colour schemes for your home.

Limit and re-arrange your furniture

Try to limit your furniture to pieces that you really need without sacrificing comfort. You can also re-arrange your furniture to help you create more space. Go for furniture pieces that are plain and simple like chairs and tables with hairpin legs.

Limit collections

If you are a movie buff or a music fan you probably have a great collection of movies or CDs. Unfortunately, collections take up space and create clutter. One way to create a minimalist home is to let go of your collections or limit them to a couple of shelves.

Blank walls

We’ve all been to a home where the walls were covered with wall art or family photos. A lot of people love this, but it is not minimalism. To create a minimalist home, consider keeping one wall completely bare in every room and only hang one or two items - art or photos - on the remaining walls.

Use lights

Lights can be a decorative piece for a minimalist home. You can install lamps on your wall and have the light switch integrated into the wall for less exposed wires. A simple yet beautiful wall-hung light is all a room needs to pop with personality. 

Simple mirrors

Mirrors are functional. Not only can they make the room seem bigger but they also reflect natural light to brighten up your room. Mirrors can also be used as a form of art! Go for full length mirrors as they look clean and simple.

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