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How to Furnish Your House at the Op Shop

How to Furnish Your House at the Op Shop

There’s plenty of reasons why buying furniture at the op shop is a good idea. It’s cheaper, it’s environmentally-friendly, older furniture tends to be more durable, hunting for bargains is fun, and lastly, it’s a way for you to support charities! If you’re new to furnishing your home with pieces from the op shop, here’s some home ideas you can try to help you out with your op shop shopping experience:

Look for inspiration

Furniture pieces from op shops are often vintage, and it can be difficult to integrate those pieces into your modern home. Looking for inspiration from home magazines, interior design websites, social media and even some apps can help you get an idea on how you could incorporate your finds into your home.

Buy only pieces you need

It’s tempting to buy every piece furniture you like because it’s cheap. However, you should be smart when it comes to shopping at op shops. Before you buy an item, make sure you are actually going to use it. You don’t want to put your purchases to waste.

Inspect the items you’re looking to buy

You don’t want to bring home a purchase that is broken, so inspect the items you want closely before buying them. You can inspect them by trying them out. Sit on chairs, open up drawers, lean on the tables. If you like an item but it’s damaged, make sure that the furniture can still be repaired by you or a professional.

Consider updating the furniture

Second-hand or vintage furniture may need a bit of a ‘face lift’ to make it look more modern and up to date. You can re-upholster chairs, give tables a fresh coat of paint, update the knobs of a cabinet, or spray paint home accessories. Whatever DIY project you have in mind, don’t be afraid to unleash you inner creativity with the items bought from op shops.

Know the dimensions of your place

Size matters when decorating your home. Shopping second-hand at op shops can be difficult because there will be no descriptions or dimensions attached to furniture labels. So make sure that you know the measurements of your space like how large your room is and if the furniture can actually fit in.

Finding furniture at op shops can be fun. It is a treasure hunt. Make sure that you follow all these tips and tricks so you can really take advantage of the pieces you find.

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