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4 signs you're ready to invest in real estate

There are many benefits that stem from investing in real estate. You can obtain a very valuable asset to sell in the future, secure a secondary source of income through weekly ...

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Property investment tips: Claiming on depreciating assets

Buying an investment property is a significant step, but if you secure the right kind of dwelling you could reap the rewards. 

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Understanding strata

Taking out a second mortgage for an investment property? If you buy an apartment or flat, you'll need to understand strata title.

Take advantage of positive gearing

Take advantage of positive gearing

There are a raft of calculations to carry out when planning to take out a home mortgage.

Effects of negative gearing to rental property

Effects of negative gearing to rental property

Buying a property to live in is the aim for many individuals and families across Australia. After all, having a couple of kids and securing a home with a white picket fence is ...

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Why property is a smart long-term investment

If you're thinking of making an investment, consider the property market. As with any significant financial decision, you'll need to assess the risks before making any long-ter...

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Use the equity in your home to buy another home

You might have your eye set on an investment property, a place for the kids or a holiday home. If you're thinking about how to finance a second property, did you know you can u...

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How to choose the right investment property

Cheap home loans can be enticing to invest in property, but you need to purchase the right kind of dwelling.

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