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Why should you move from an apartment to a house

20 December 2017
Why should you move from an apartment to a house

Apartment living is the first step to living independently for many young adults. The next step is often buying a house. This can be a good investment for many reasons.  

If you’re on the fence about whether you should move from an apartment to a house, here are some of the potential benefits.

You will have more space

Houses tend to be more spacious than apartments. Most houses have more rooms, even if they are a single family home. You can also extend the space in the future when your children are growing up. Houses also generally have a parking space or garage, which many apartments lack.

You will have your own outdoor space, as you will have your own yard

Houses also offer more space outdoors. They typically have a yard where your children can play around. If the house is large enough, you can install a swimming pool. If gardening is one of your interests then living in a house can provide you with an outlet.

You have more freedom

There are no body corporate nor strata laws when you live in a house, so you have more freedom. If you want to paint your walls, hang an artwork, or make any kind of modifications you can. You can also have as many as pets as you want without any strata laws hindering you. There’s a greater degree of freedom when you own a house.

Living in a house is more private

Apartments are typically subdivided from a single lot or building which means you may be able to hear your neighbours. With a house, you have greater privacy and can make sound-blocking modifications.

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