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Case Study: Wayne

We sat with Wayne, based in WA, and discussed his refinance experience, challenges and outcome.


Home loan customer

Meet Wayne, a Project Engineering Manager and amazing single dad who refinanced his home loan to us after experiencing a change in his household.

Age: 50

Relationship status: Separated

Annual household income: $120,000

Stage of the journey: I own an owner occupier property

Wayne Wayne

We sat with Wayne, based in WA, and discussed his refinance experience, challenges and outcome.


After his divorce, Wayne found himself going back to basics. He needed a new home. While he had no debt after settling matters with his ex, he also had no real assets or savings. This made it hard to get a new home loan as pretty much no lender, including his long-term bank, wanted to help.

Wayne eventually found a lender and bought a new home, but he ended up paying almost 4% more than most people. Restarting his life was proving expensive. After a while Wayne was inspired to refinance and decided to look again. This time his research proved more rewarding. He found loans.com.au.


  • Hard to find a competitive mortgage without real assets or savings
  • Mortgage interest was 3 to 4% above what others were paying
  • Overpaying mortgage by almost $1,000 per month

“loans.com.au was really, really helpful”

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  • Refinance helped save almost $1,000 in monthly repayments
  • Application process was streamlined by call-centre staff

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How was your loans.com.au experience?

Wayne felt stuck with his old lender. After looking around online he stumbled across loans.com.au, who helped him avoid the hassle of going into a branch. While he was used to waiting up to a week to hear back from traditional lenders after submitting his query, Wayne was pleasantly surprised by loans.com.au who replied to his query with a phone call just 20 minutes later. Not only that, but the lending specialist who called him proved to be incredibly helpful. They stepped Wayne through everything, gave him confidence that something could be done and even helped complete the form application.

“I was surprised.” said Wayne. “Not only was the loans.com.au lending specialist really, really helpful, he also said he could probably save me around $800 per month.”

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