Compare Home Loans

Identifying the most suitable and affordable home loan can be a challenge so we have made this easy to use tool to help you compare home loans.

Each of our home loans has different features that make them ideal for different buyers. It is important to research, compare and gain a thorough understanding of the features of each home loan to ensure you are getting the best home loan for your circumstances.

Our tool to compare home loans, below, presents our own suite of home loan options. It will give you a good idea of each loan’s rates and key features to help you make this important decision. They will let you compare different loans for owner occupiers or investors, loans with or without an offset facility, choose a fixed or variable interest rate and indicate the size of your deposit.
To compare home loans in more details, use our Product Rate Cards below.

  • 3.89 % 2 yr fixed rate p.a.**
  • 3.94 % comparison rate p.a.**


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{{cardData["Product-Left"]["RateType"]}} p.a. *

{{cardData["Product-Left"]["ComparisonRate"]}} %

Comp rate p.a. *


Monthly repayment #


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{{cardData["Product-Right"]["ComparisonRate"]}} %

Comp rate p.a. *


Monthly repayment #

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