Big movement in small spaces

Big movement in small spaces

The small house movement has gained a cult following among people looking to simplify their lives. While it’s a trend that isn’t for everybody, it has sparked some inspirational design ideas for maximising the use of contained space in existing homes, particularly if they are compact overall or if they have certain rooms that are too small to be practical.

To make the most of your small space, consult a designer with a reputation in developing customised plans for compact living. Creativity will be the key to a result that maximises the utility of the area available without making it feel pokey.

Often, it is the smallest spaces in a home that can be the most appealing, for their intimacy, privacy, and warmth. They can be productive work areas for study or creative pursuits because they enhance focus; there just isn’t room for distraction.

Take a close look at your home’s strengths, such as natural light, breezeway, high ceilings, a staircase, or a quality floor. Next, assess its limitations and make a list of your priorities. Take a moment to consider whether what you are expecting from the space is realistic and adjust your goals if you need to.

Talk it over with your designer and work up a series of plans to incorporate hidden storage, built-in shelving, and concealed work areas. It is possible to fit an entire laundry into a cupboard, a library into an alcove, and a bedroom into a staircase. With a bit of imagination and shared vision, a small space can be just as functional as a large one.

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