Snare the Best Deal in the Car Saleyard

June is the most popular month in Australia to buy a new car, as car dealers offer tempting end-of-financial-year deals.
However, a little research and know-how goes a long way before you head into the saleyards.
Knowing your budget is essential as it gives you bargaining power. Shop around for loans, and read the fine print on them before you sign. editor, Karla Pincott, advised buyers to read reviews and to research the make and model they wanted before leaving home.
Research should cover things like service costs, fuel consumption, and insurance costs, she said.
Pincott also recommended using an internet price search to ferret out any better offers in the area.
Even sale time can be a time for bargaining, she said. Dealers might still shift a little on price, she said, or throw in some extras if you look like walking away.
She warned buyers to check that the VIN number matched the advertised year of build, as the year makes a difference to the car’s value.
Buyers should also check that the specifications offered, such as wheels, match those advertised.

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