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3 things to consider before buying a new home

With careful research and preparation, it's possible to find a home that will suit your requirements for many years.  Here are a few tips to help you make your next property p...

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3 loan features you might not have considered

When taking out a home mortgage , there are many things to consider.

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4 signs you're ready to invest in real estate

There are many benefits that stem from investing in real estate. You can obtain a very valuable asset to sell in the future, secure a secondary source of income through weekly ...

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5 signs you need a mortgage refinance

Once homeowners obtain a home mortgage, they may want to avoid having to go through further paperwork and focus on their bi-monthly or monthly repayments.

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Do I buy or sell first?

As time goes by, we can find ourselves and our families growing and changing. Whether it's a new baby, an older relative moving in or perhaps all of the kids leaving for univer...

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Property investment tips: Claiming on depreciating assets

Buying an investment property is a significant step, but if you secure the right kind of dwelling you could reap the rewards. 

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Understand the mortgage refinance process

If your home loan rate, repayment frequency or lender is leaving you unsatisfied, you might consider a mortgage refinance.


Paperwork required for a mortgage refinance

Whether you're upgrading to a roomier home or have found a cheap home loan interest rate from another provider, a mortgage refinance could be on your horizon. 

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3 ways to get a better home loan deal

For many, buying a home will be the most significant purchase they make in their lifetime. Therefore, it's crucial to do your research to get the best home loan deal.

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Cheapest Home Loan Award - loans.com.au

When choosing a home loan, it is useful to compare interest rates and loan features, and to listen to what customers say.

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