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5 signs you need a mortgage refinance

Once homeowners obtain a home mortgage, they may want to avoid having to go through further paperwork and focus on their bi-monthly or monthly repayments.

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Understand the mortgage refinance process

If your home loan rate, repayment frequency or lender is leaving you unsatisfied, you might consider a mortgage refinance.


Paperwork required for a mortgage refinance

Whether you're upgrading to a roomier home or have found a cheap home loan interest rate from another provider, a mortgage refinance could be on your horizon. 

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Benefits of Refinancing

There are plenty of benefits available to people open to the possibility of refinancing their home loan, so this is definitely not an option to discount.

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Refinance home loans

If you are a home owner who is paying too much on your monthly mortgage, then you may feel stuck in your home loan. However, this does not have to be the case.

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Why refinance?

In Australia, competition is fierce between the lenders who are fighting to keep their customers. Borrowers are looking to cut costs and save money, and in todays market that i...

How can I reduce the interest on my mortgage?

How can I reduce the interest on my mortgage?

The size of Australian home loans has been growing for some time, which is why it's so important to think carefully about repaying what you owe sooner rather than later.

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Whats next after you own a home?

After buying your very first property with a home mortgage, you might be wondering what your next move will be.

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Budgeting tips for a mortgage refinance

Taking out a mortgage refinance? Make sure you budget for it properly, whether your repayments will be increasing or decreasing.

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