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Case Study: April

We're interviewing some of our amazing loans.com.au customers to get to know their home and car-buying stories.


Home loan customer

Meet April, one of our wonderful customers, who decided with her fiancé that home ownership made more sense than renting, particularly in a market where rents are rising even faster than rates.

Age: 20s

Relationship status: Engaged

Household income: $150,000

Stage of the journey: Owner Occupier Homeowner

April April

We sat down with April, who lives in Newcastle with her fiancé Richard, and asked her a few questions on her experiences, challenges, and how she overcame them.


I’m a high-school teacher. My fiancé, Richard, is a pharmacist. We’re both from Queensland. Richard moved to Newcastle first and rented. After reviewing our finances, we decided buying an owner-occupier property was our smartest choice. A broker helped us initially, but we weren’t seeing many loans. Things also moved slowly which was a worry given the market was moving fast. Broker delays meant extra costs to us so after further research we took matters into our own hands and started talking directly with more lenders. That’s when we discovered loans.com.au who have really competitive loans.

“Going to a broker seems easier, but going direct is better.”


  • Renting seems so much easier, but it’s actually much more costly than owning a home
  • Although going to a broker seems easier, they tend to present fewer loans than you expect
  • Brokers can be slow to respond, which is a worry when the market is changing quickly
  • Placing a deposit is stressful. You need a loan to go from pre-approved to approved, fast


  • Buying a home can seem harder than renting, but it’s so much better financially
  • Do your own comparison research. It’s the only way to guarantee you’ll save the most
  • Avoid delays. Having a direct relationship with a lender means everything moves faster
  • Put your mind at ease. Find a lender you can always access, anytime, for any reason

How was your loans.com.au experience?

You guys have been great, especially your call centre. They were always ready to answer any questions I had, and they made the whole process so simple. At first we thought it would be easier to hand over the reigns to someone else, a broker, but after dealing with you guys we realised we could do so much more by ourselves to get an even better deal. You gave us confidence to research and make our own decisions. Being able to deal with you online and by phone also made the whole application super easy. You realise that having branches means extra costs, so big lenders are not as competitive as you for a reason. We made the right choice to buy instead of rent, and we made the right choice partnering loans.com.au.

loans.com.au customer?

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