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Loans for refinancing my home

Common home loan questions

There are a number of home loan options available, whether you’re an investor or plan to live in your home, with options including construction loans, fixed and variable, and even a green home loan discount for new energy efficient homes.

A comparison rate is the true cost of a home loan. It takes the interest payments, based on the advertised interest rate, and includes any additional fees and charges that come with the loan.

To reduce home loan repayments, you may be able to make extra repayments to cut off time on your loan term. You may also wish to make a lump sum payment to your loan principal, in which case your lender may recalculate your monthly repayment based on your new loan amount owing. Alternatively you can always request a rate review from your lender if you have a variable rate, to see if they can help reduce your interest rate.

Home loans can have variety of upfront or ongoing fees that vary between lenders. Upfront fees are common with home loans and may include application, legal, government, LMI or property valuation fees. Ongoing fees vary between lenders, with some having none. Ongoing fees may include monthly, annual, redraw or late fees. At, we charge no ongoing, annual or monthly fees.

How do you compare home loans?

There are a few key factors to analyse when comparing home loans. First you want to ensure you choose the right type of loan. For example, if you’re buying an investment property, you can’t get an owner-occupied loan and miss out on investor benefits. Some other key features to compare include:

Types of home loans



Variable rate home loans are not fixed and can change depending on various factors, meaning your rate may increase or decrease over the life of the loan.

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Fixed rate home loans offer the same interest rate for an agreed period of the loan, making repayment amounts consistent for the period of time. After the fixed rate period comes to an end, the loan repayments will be calculated with a variable rate.

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Split home loans are a combination of variable and fixed loans and allow you to divide your interest into multiple accounts. For example you may have two accounts, one fixed interest rate and the other variable, allowing you to receive the perks of each loan type. These splits don’t have to be even either - for example you can do a 60:40 split where 60% of the loan has variable repayments, and 40% are fixed.

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Principal and Interest

Principal & interest loan repayments include some principal and some interest. This reduces the principal owing, resulting in paying off your mortgage sooner and getting closer to owning the property. Alternatively, there is the option to choose an interest only loan, where you only pay back the interest for a set period of time.

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Owner Occupier

Owner occupied loans are for those who purchase a home and live in it straight away. You are not able to get an owner occupied loan type if you are renting your property out to tenants.

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If you’re purchasing a house with the purpose of renting it out to tenants, you’ll need an investment home loan. They function the similarly to owner occupied loans, but also have other features to benefit the investor.

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Low interest rates

We can offer extremely low rates because our online model is so efficient. Fewer overheads mean doing business costs less and those savings translate directly into lower interest rates and fees for our customers.


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We have an experienced, Australian based team. At every step of the way, you’ll talk to a real person from our friendly team of lending specialists who are here to help you.


Flexible options

We offer great low rates on our fixed, variable and split home loans. We also offer discounts for large deposits or customers with owner occupied and investment properties. We even offer a green home loan discount if your home is energy efficient!


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By keeping our interest rates low and revolutionising the loan application process, we keep on winning awards for our products, innovations and customer service, year after year!


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For both our home and car loans, you can find out if you pre-qualify in just minutes. The application process is simple, online, plus we’re here to help at each step of the way.


onTrack advantage

onTrack is our online app which allows you to complete your home loan application on your device from initial contact through to settlement and beyond. In onTrack you can complete your loan application in your own time, as it suits you.

Need help with your home loan?

Choosing a home loan is a big decision, and it can be overwhelming trying to find a suitable home loan and understand the mortgage lingo. We have a variety of free resources and guides available to help home buyers at any stage of the home buying journey. From learning about LMI to government grants, we’ve got you covered.

We can approve your application quickly to help you get the keys to your next home as soon as possible, and with our low rates, it's possible for you to own your home sooner.

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If you're buying an investment property, building an investment property or refinancing your investment loan, we make the home loan process simple, quick and hassle free, with great low rate investment loans.

The friendly lending specialists at are here to help you as much as you need when buying your first home. We can walk you through all your options to find the right loan for you, and we have a number of handy guides and videos available to help with the process.

When you're building or doing major renovations, you have a lot on your mind. We can help take the stress out the finance with low rates and an easy online application so you can focus on the build.

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